Your commercial build is essential. Don’t let delays happen through safety, insurance, or bonding issues. We Do More by ensuring full safety standards are adhered to, and complete insurance coverage is maintained throughout your entire project.  Covered by WCB, SECOR Certified, we are a Licensed Prepaid Contractor and carry full liability insurance coverage that protects you, your property, and our contractors and staff. 


Able to build or improve any commercial space, our proficiency is in developing retail or service locations. Our portfolio is full of restaurants, retail sales, franchises, service businesses, medical and paramedical professionals, lawyers and so much more.


Bonding means a third-party has issued a surety bond, making the surety company liable for debt, default, or other failure on the contractor’s part. This bond protects you from losses if Pemadale is unable to execute the contract due to financial challenges or a lack of qualified workers. Pemadale has paid a surety to see your project done, so we’re not going to default on it.


Insurance covers you and Pemadale in case of unavoidable property damage, personal injury liability, theft of building materials, or other insurable loss. This is different from bonding because it protects your site and materials until your project is completed. As another layer of protection, we carry full WCB Coverage on Pemadale employees. We also require all our sub-contractors to carry WCB Coverage on their employees while on site.


Pemadale is SECOR Certified, which means you can trust we will meet or exceed safety standards for all legislative Occupational Health and Safety. We are committed to building safety into our company at every level, guaranteeing a safe work environment with Pemadale on site.


Let your Passion Take Flight

With many years of experience in Commercial Tenant Improvements, our goal is to let your passion take flight. You provide the four walls, we build the space to suit your business. We Do More, always providing quality work in a timely manner.

Able to build improvements for any commercial space, our proficiency is in developing any retail or service space Our portfolio is full of restaurants, retail sales, franchises, service businesses, medical and paramedical professionals, lawyers and so much more. When designing your specialized mall space, within any type of mall or freestanding building, you’ll be glad you hired one of the best.

Joining a franchise? We Do More to design your space, ensuring it matches all franchise specifications and “Standard Branding Package” specs.


Pemadale can build your business from the ground up, literally. Whether you are starting new, growing, or joining a franchise, We Do More to build your site. We will ensure your specifications are matched exactly and we know “Standard Branding Package” specs. Know what to expect, how much it cost and how long it will take through our detailed proposal and continued communication. At Pemadale we take pride in making your location stand out.


Building safe Outdoor space for your business. Our decks will stand up to time and elements, keeping your business running for years.

Using the materials which best suit your needs, we make your designs come to life. Bonded, and fully licensed, our safety measures start on day 1 of your build.



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Pemadale Ltd. is a company that focuses on the customer’s wants and needs first. Working in both the residential and commercial sectors, we aim to please you no matter what the project, from renovating your basement to building your brand-new business. 

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